StumbleUpon for Beginners

One of the most frequent questions that we get asked is: how do I generate traffic?

We believe so strongly in community, so our number one is response is to build your social community and focus on SEO (search engine optimization), and watch your traffic grow. SEO  should always be your #1 traffic source. But, utilizing ALL the resources available to you is super important, and this is where StumbleUpon comes in.

If you are not familiar, StumbleUpon is a content discovery platform that allows users to discover content based on category, and is a huge traffic generator for content that is highly ranked – or “thumbs uped.” There are millions of users just waiting to get their hands on new content, which could be yours.

Basic Steps to Effectively Use StumbleUpon

1. Create your StumbleUpon profile, add categories that relate to your blog, and start following other users. The more followers you have, the more powerful your stumbles become.

Stumble Upon

2. Download the StumbleUpon toolbar and start discovering new content with it, as well as your own. It’s great to have StumbleUpon share buttons on your blog as well, but they don’t always work properly, so using the toolbar is always your best option.

3. Invest time. Make sure that each day your are stumbling the web for new content, as well as going to your blog and adding new posts. (Using the Stumble toolbar, you can simply add a new post by clicking on the “thumbs up” button, which will allow you to index the post properly. Always choose a relevant category, add at least 3 tags, and a 1 sentence comment.)

4. Share only evergreen content. If you have a giveaway going on, that’s great – but StumbleUpon isn’t the place to share it. Content that has an expiration date will result in people giving your page a thumbs down, which will dramatically hurt your traffic.

5. Share using the StumbleUpon URL shortener. I know we are so used to using and Hoostsuite for shortening links, but check out their version and share using that from time to time – it will give you more stumble power.

6. If you have a little bit of money to invest, check out their Paid Discovery platform. It’s a great resource for yourself, even if you only have $20 to invest because it brings your content up for users to find on a regular basis and then also provides you with a detailed report of how many thumbs up or thumbs down a specific blog post got. This lets you know what readers enjoy reading the most, so you can create more of it!

7. Join StumbleUpon groups. If you search Facebook, there are many StumbleUpon groups that exist where everyone helps each other stumble new content each day, increasing your chances of getting discovered much, much higher. Keep in mind that most of these groups won’t allow you in unless you have at least 50 followers on this platform, so work on building that number up first.

8. On a personal note, I have found that beauty and recipes tend to do best on this platform.

Happy stumbling!

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Author: Allison Cooper

Allison is the Co-Founder and CEO of INTRO NYC and Founder & CEO of Project Motherhood (, an online resource helping moms love their post-pregnancy body and always rock their #MamaStyle! She loves educating new bloggers and connecting them with brands to help their business grow!