Get Mobile-Friendly Now, and Why You Should Love Meerkat

I had an interesting conversation yesterday that started like this, “When is the last time you read an entire paragraph on a website?” Rarely, right? Most of us skim, look at photos and/or want to get right to business – the giveaway, the price for the product, the sign-up, etc. And here I go on and on in a paragraph….

My point is this: the digital realm is ever changing. If you’re writing novels and have low traffic, you might want to shorten those bad boys up. Can’t bring yourself to do it? Maybe you should put together an e-book for download. Wonder why Instagram is so hot? Because it’s MICRO BLOGGING. People get what they want in just one photo or video. Which leads me to:

Google will penalize you if your site isn’t mobile-friendly by April 21st

If you don’t know what mobile-friendly means, you better just give me a call. You can tell by browsing your own website on your mobile phone – does it fit your screen or do you still have the shrink and stretch to read it? If it doesn’t auto fit, you have about one month to find a new theme (or reach out to your developers) and get that fixed.


You should be using RESPONSIVE WEB DESIGN. What the heck is that? It means that the page uses the same URL and the same code whether the user is on a desktop computer, tablet, or mobile phone – only the display adjusts or ‘responds’ according to the screen size. Google recommends using RWD over other design patterns.” This last sentence is Google’s emphasis, not mine.

Usually when you go to get a new template for a blog these days they will be responsive, but MAKE SURE.

Why? Because the majority of internet users are browsing from their phones more than ever, and Google wants the information that they find to be relevant and responsive (aka easy to read and navigate).


Read Google’s Guide to Mobile-Friendly Websites here. You can also drop in your website and see if Google ranks it as mobile friendly or not.

Facebook cleaned up fake and dead likes

You probably saw a drop in your Facebook likes yesterday. Just like Instagram did a couple months back, Facebook went through and removed all the fake/dead accounts (and likes). If you commited the sin of buying likes, you might have seen a huge drop (and so did your followers), so I hope this is finally a a great reminder to STOP THAT. Enough with the like wars – get out there and start ENGAGING your communities!

 Meerkat/Periscope War


There’s a major storm brewing on Twitter, and for good reason. If you didn’t know – just a couple weeks ago this incredible new app called Meerkat came out. It lets you live stream from anywhere directly into Twitter with a link. Think Google Hangouts on Redbull. You can get lots more engagement, viewers, and more just by hosting and giving a sneak peek into your business. Well, Twitter wasn’t too happy about it, so they came out with their OWN live streaming app – Periscope.

So the big question – which one is better? That’s going to be something we have to follow and find out. What team are you on? Currently we’re still #TeamMeerkat.

Curious to see how it will work? Watch our LIVE Meerkat broadcast from our Coffee Chat on March 31st at 9am! (PS we literally have ONE SEAT LEFT – who wants it??)

If you need more info – you can always email me 🙂


Author: Stephanie Barnhart

Stephanie Barnhart is Author/Founder of, New York Editor for Mommy Nearest Magazine, and Founder/Social Media Strategist of Stephanie is also a speaker and educator for small business and soloprenurs, She has also been seen in the New York Times, Huffington Post, PARENTGUIDE News, NY Metro Parent, ABC News, and been a contributing author on various websites.