Showcase Your Product or Service!


INTRO NYC works with established, dedicated, and credible bloggers nationwide who have a commanding social media presence, and discuss topics and brands their audience will love. We’ve built this community so small businesses (and large!) around New York City and beyond can connect with those who are the most passionate about their products and services.

Just getting started or have a pipe dream? Maybe you want to re-brand yourself? Nothing works better than getting feedback directly from your consumer. If you’re in the New York City area, we host focus groups consisting of locals who are interested in your specific niche.

Focus Groups

Focus groups are simple get-togethers of local influencers and consumers in NYC. It allows you to directly connect one-on-one with those who would be genuinely interested in purchasing your product or service in a private setting. This is a great option for new businesses without a large marketing budget to directly connect with their demographic, businesses who are looking to re-brand themselves, need feedback, or plan to launch a new product or service.

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There is nothing better than directly connecting with your audience and getting the word out about your product in a very big way. Hosting an event allows you to directly connect with groups of bloggers who have very high klout within your demographic. We host successful events that deliver trending hashtags on Twitter, smiling faces all over Facebook,  Posts about how fabulous the event was, and other bloggers and consumers saying, “How do I get to be involved in that?” or even better, “That [product, service] looks amazing. I need to go buy one!” Customizable packages are available based on the amount of reach you are looking to achieve. Our event packages also include a professional photographer and graphic designer.

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Twitter Parties

Are you looking to connect with your audience in the digital realm and instantly gain a stronger following on Twitter at the same time? INTRO NYC will host a Twitter party with a custom and trackable hashtag, and social audience ready to participate in advance. During the event, we will ask questions pertaining to your brand and create a buzz so that your social presence strengthens. Parties are always more enticing with giveaways, and we highly recommend including one with your party.

Interested in seeing our pricing packages? Contact us today to learn more at (412) 680-4222, or email sales[at]