Pinterest Hacks and Using Group Boards to Boost Your Pinning Power

We’re always looking to better our blogging power, reach more people, and get them to come visit our awesome blog! I know I’ve said before how Pinterest was my personal social account that needed work (and a bit of a transformation of sorts) to fully utilize it’s benefits, and I have been doing some investigating. Since media trends are always changing, we stress the importance of always learning more – even if you are a seasoned blogging pro. Check into our current classes, and see ways that we can help take your blog to another level.

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Pinterest Hacks

  • First, get started with the basics! I wrote a post last year called “5 Pinterest Tips & Tricks,” check out this post as it will cover the Pinterest foundation that you need to build on.
  • Pay attention to keywords – We are constantly looking at what keyword phrases people are using in search engines to find our blogs, and use those phrases more often. Apply these keywords to Pinterest as well, since it is essentially a search engine, too. Simply update the description of your boards, using these keywords. This will help you become more visible and be pinned more frequently.
  • Take your focus off of hashtags. While they work better in search on twitter, hashtags tend to be a bit too broad for Pinterest and won’t result in helping your pin show up more in search results. Stick to keyword phrases.
  • Categorize your pins in the description. This not only helps for organization, but will help people who are searching for something in that category. For instance, if you are pinning a recipe, do something like this:

Recipe: Stuffed Spinach Chicken Breasts (then continue with your description)

  • Pay attention to what’s being pinned and create more pins like that. You can easily access this information by typing this into your browser and replacing your domain:
  • Schedule pins. I know this sounds a little daunting, but Hootsuite just made it easier by letting you schedule pins using Tailwind through their dashboard. This enables you to hit your readers with pins during peak hours, even if you are out at the beach this summer! You can learn more about that here.

Group Boards 101

pinterest board

Group boards are really where it’s at! There are hundreds of thousands of Pinterest group boards in your niche that have thousands of followers waiting to read your content – it’s tapping into them that’s the tricky part. A group board is a Pinterest board that is shared by many people and followed by many more, that give people access to one specific topic. This gives you mucho pinning power! Typically, there are rules to follow, such as re-pinning a pin that is not yours for every pin that you add, and this helps everyone.

First, if you join our INTRO NYC Blogger Network, you will be immediately invited to our group board – yippee! Beyond that, the first place to look is, which has the ultimate online listing of group pin boards. Once you find a group board you would like to be a part of, you will typically find in the description of the board how to become a part of it. This is where it gets tricky because sometimes the description isn’t there or the board owner is unresponsive. You just have to keep trying!

The main takeaway about group boards is to only be a apart of ones that truly match your niche, otherwise it will be a waste of time. Happy pinning!

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5 Tips For Building an Authentic Community

To be completely honest, one of my personal blogging goals for 2015 has been to build a more authentic community. I entered “the blogesphere” the same way as most of you and read everything that I could get my hands on that showed me how to grow my community  – because it’s all about those big numbers right? WRONG! I did all of those follow threads that helps my social community grow, jumped on the giveaway bandwagon, and then started to panic mid 2014 whenever I started seeing stagnet numbers and no engagement.

Truthfully, we are living in the age of blogging, where there are many blogs that are great and consistently updating and delivering fresh content to their readers. They are our competition. With so many competing blogs, brands are paying much more attention to the levels of engagement that you have, which comes from having a truly authentic community. I have been on a journey since mid-2014 to change this for myself, and here are some tips that will help you do the same.

building a community

1. Find your authentic voice.

Being 100% authentic with your voice is the very first place to start. Think about portraying yourself just as you on the pages of your blog and in your social media posts, not someone else. I think that in many cases, people tend to blog how they hope people will see them and their life, instead of being real and showing their readers who they actually are. Lastly, if you have a team of contributors, an editor, etc, make sure everyone is on the same page and understands how this voice must be consistent and shared.

2. Think about giveaways differently.

Giveaways are obviously a great way to grow our community, but are you actually reaching your community through the giveaways you host? For instance, if you are giving away cold, hard cash, we all know it’s something that everyone loves and will enter to win. You will probably get a huge spike in traffic and they will follow you on all your social media channels, but what happens when the giveaway is over? Will they all unfollow you? Will they ever return to your blog? Probably, if you give away more cash.

If you consistently run giveaways to help build your community, as most of us do, make sure to give away prizes that are aligned with what you blog about and what your audiences comes to you for on a regular basis. Otherwise, these new community members are just dead weight and doing nothing besides bringing your Facebook organic reach down even further.

3. Remember, people are nosy!

I probably don’t need me to remind you of this, but its a fact! People follow you and read your blog because they are interested in what is going on in your life and what you are writing about. If you stop posting personal pictures, only write sponsored content about brands, and write about off topic subjects – you will lose what your readers came to you for. People are nosy and want to know about your life, so give it to them!

4. Show interest in them.

Don’t just make it all about you. Make sure that you create an authentic balance between sharing and reaching out for information about what is going on in their lives. People like to know they matter, and if they are taking time out of their day to read what you are saying, take value in reaching back out to them. I promise that something as simple as asking their opinions or to share a similar experience with you will help turn them into loyal readers.

5. Respond when people comment.

This seems so simple, yet so many bloggers overlook it. We yearn more comments on our blog, facebook posts, and now tweets – so whenever it happens, take that opportunity to engage.

My last tid bit of advice – do what works best for YOU! If you have found a certain blogging method that is working, keep at it! Don’t ever change things just because someone told you to. Everyone grows their audience differently and at various rates.

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5 Essential Business Books for Bloggers

When is the last time you actually sat down and read a good book. I mean, put your phone down and laid in bed and read a real, hard copy piece of work? Even though we work mainly online, I think it’s important to still hold on to tangible items here and there – like a book. People laugh that I still use a daily journal to keep my schedule, but I feel (and see a lot of other bloggers) it helps keep me more grounded and organized.

So this week, I am giving you some homework. I want you to take a step back from blogging so much and stressing yourself out, and I want you to read. Blogging and small business is just like any other profession – you need continued education. Doctors do it. Lawyers do it, and now I want you to do it. Here are five outstanding books to choose from to get your started.

I think it will recharge you and give you better inspiration to keep going for the year as a successful business owner. The best part? You can get these all on Amazon (hard copies!) for around $1-2 each! It’s like a yard sale for your brain! Enjoy –

1. UnMarketing


I will just say this. I. Love. Scott. (maybe he’ll read that and be flattered). He honestly changed my life when I met him because he’s honest, raw and real. He’s one of those guys who will feed you no bull shit and call you out on all the things you’re doing wrong that are making you (and us as an industry) look bad. If you want a dose of reality, this is the book to read – because it will honestly make you a much better marketing person.

2. The Art of Social Media


This is all the rage these days – if you don’t know the name Guy Kawaskai – order this book asap. He’s the new guru of social media, and he spells it all out for you here in this book. It will give you a lot of great tips to revamp your social media strategy, and hopefully even free up some more time to read TWO books on this list.

3. Good to Great


The original must-read book for any business owner or someone striving to be. I read this in grad school and it had molded the pathways to success. It basically says, do what you are good at, and stick to it. Stop trying to do a little of everything and focus on your talents. Today, bloggers spread themselves too thin over a wide range of areas when they can be successful focusing on what their best in.

4. Nice Girls Don’t Get Rich: 75 Avoidable Mistakes Women Make With Money


If you need some tough skin, pick up this book. It’s still a man’s world out there, and if you act like a girl all the time, you aren’t going to reach the financial success you’re destined for. This book reminds us how to get what we want by being a lady, but a bitch at the same time. And to STOP killing yourself and business by drowning in debt from things you aren’t even aware of! You might even want to follow up with her first book, Nice Girls Don’t Get The Corner Office. That’s the book that started me on my journey to being my own boss.

5. 7 Habits of Highly Effective People


Another oldie but goodie. If this hasn’t crossed your path yet – you’ll want to pick it up. This was also a great book I read in grad school because it talk us about morals and ethics, and how to be genuine in a journalist world. As a blogger, let me as you – have you ever done a post or taken money to talk about something that wasn’t exactly what you believe in? Well, your readers probably also noticed. This book will teach you how to still be successful without jeopardizing your brand. ** The forward is by Jim Collins – the guy who wrote Good to Great, so you can see these authors actually work together and believe in what each other is saying – maybe you should, too!



Get Mobile-Friendly Now, and Why You Should Love Meerkat

I had an interesting conversation yesterday that started like this, “When is the last time you read an entire paragraph on a website?” Rarely, right? Most of us skim, look at photos and/or want to get right to business – the giveaway, the price for the product, the sign-up, etc. And here I go on and on in a paragraph….

My point is this: the digital realm is ever changing. If you’re writing novels and have low traffic, you might want to shorten those bad boys up. Can’t bring yourself to do it? Maybe you should put together an e-book for download. Wonder why Instagram is so hot? Because it’s MICRO BLOGGING. People get what they want in just one photo or video. Which leads me to:

Google will penalize you if your site isn’t mobile-friendly by April 21st

If you don’t know what mobile-friendly means, you better just give me a call. You can tell by browsing your own website on your mobile phone – does it fit your screen or do you still have the shrink and stretch to read it? If it doesn’t auto fit, you have about one month to find a new theme (or reach out to your developers) and get that fixed.


You should be using RESPONSIVE WEB DESIGN. What the heck is that? It means that the page uses the same URL and the same code whether the user is on a desktop computer, tablet, or mobile phone – only the display adjusts or ‘responds’ according to the screen size. Google recommends using RWD over other design patterns.” This last sentence is Google’s emphasis, not mine.

Usually when you go to get a new template for a blog these days they will be responsive, but MAKE SURE.

Why? Because the majority of internet users are browsing from their phones more than ever, and Google wants the information that they find to be relevant and responsive (aka easy to read and navigate).


Read Google’s Guide to Mobile-Friendly Websites here. You can also drop in your website and see if Google ranks it as mobile friendly or not.

Facebook cleaned up fake and dead likes

You probably saw a drop in your Facebook likes yesterday. Just like Instagram did a couple months back, Facebook went through and removed all the fake/dead accounts (and likes). If you commited the sin of buying likes, you might have seen a huge drop (and so did your followers), so I hope this is finally a a great reminder to STOP THAT. Enough with the like wars – get out there and start ENGAGING your communities!

 Meerkat/Periscope War


There’s a major storm brewing on Twitter, and for good reason. If you didn’t know – just a couple weeks ago this incredible new app called Meerkat came out. It lets you live stream from anywhere directly into Twitter with a link. Think Google Hangouts on Redbull. You can get lots more engagement, viewers, and more just by hosting and giving a sneak peek into your business. Well, Twitter wasn’t too happy about it, so they came out with their OWN live streaming app – Periscope.

So the big question – which one is better? That’s going to be something we have to follow and find out. What team are you on? Currently we’re still #TeamMeerkat.

Curious to see how it will work? Watch our LIVE Meerkat broadcast from our Coffee Chat on March 31st at 9am! (PS we literally have ONE SEAT LEFT – who wants it??)

If you need more info – you can always email me 🙂


Social Media – You’re Doing it Wrong

A lot happened last week in the world of social media. First of all, it was #SMWNYC 2015 – a week of everything social media including top tips, trends and setbacks by industry leaders like Mashable, Martha Stewart and the New York Times. Yes, Facebook is still here to stay, and your tweets are still relevant, but here are few key takeaways I thought were worth passing on to you, as well as well, the word on the street here in NYC. It’s pretty chatty if you listen –

1. You’re showing your age.

I hate to tell you guys, but the younger crowds are eating it up on SnapChat. If you’re still scratching your head wondering how brands are connecting with a private image app that you thought was only used for cheating husbands and wives – think again. SnapChat isn’t private anymore, you have the ability to make your profile public, and view public posts as well. Check out how this guy turned his account into a virtual resume for a JOB at SnapChat! Did he get it??? Your audience is here – just how are you going to reach them?

2. Video Video Video.

Now don’t freak out if you’re not ready to swallow the audio voice over pill. While YouTube is king, it’s not the only video options out there. But if you want to keep up on social media, you’re going to have to start adding some video to your life.  As mentioned, Vine is making a huge comeback and is really popular with fans if you can make witty six-second videos. Another cool trend? Fast-motion video. Check out Beyonce – and of COURSE there’s app for that – in fact there are a few. Here’s a list to get you started.

3. Watch this movie – Chef.


John Favreau brilliantly incorporated the magic of social media into this super cute movie about a chef stuggling with his life’s passion and connection with his son. You’ll see some great Twitter references, as well as – wait for it – VIDEO! His son uses an app on his phone to take one second of film everyday for their entire trip across the country and then turns it into one amazing, tear-jerker video for his dad. Now, how cool would it be if you did that for your brand? Of course it’s a real app! It’s called 1 Second everyday. The movie is available now in Netflix.

4.  YouTube Kids and Google +

YouTube Kids Screenshot

Google has been making a lot of serious changes this week. For one – they launched their first-ever app just for families from the ground up – YouTubeKids. Brilliant. Yes it does exactly what you think it does it corrals all the stuff you want your child to watch in one safe place (and keeps the bad stuff out). It also has cool features like a timer (so you don’t have to be the bad guy!), and pre-set search settings. It’s free and available right now for iOS and Android.

With the addition of one thing, something else has to go, and we’ve all seen it coming. Say goodbye to Google+. Now before you freak out and worry about photos, those Google Hangouts and beyond – don’t worry, they’ll still be around, but they are going to break up. Tear.

Until next time –



Photo credits: Chef the Film; YouTube

How and Why You Should Tweet Images With Hootsuite

If you are anything like me, you love to automate your social media, because your time is precious and it’s a huge time saver! Hootsuite is my favorite service to do this through, as it is free until you need to add team member, and very user friendly. Just this week, Hootsuite announced that they have integrated posting images through their platform directly to your twitter feed – which is HUGE NEWS!

Why tweet images?

Think back to all those times you scroll through your twitter feed. What are you most drawn to? The tweets with images, of course. Twitter research has shown that tweets that contain images increase engagement by 3 to 4 times, versus tweets posted with only text and links. That is a huge increase in engagement, bringing more eyes on to the content that you are sharing, and hopefully more click-throughs to your website.

twitter photo

How to Tweet Images With Hootsuite

Once you have an account with Hootsuite and have connected your twitter profile to it, follow these simple steps to begin tweeting images:

  1. Click the Change settings now button below
  2. Click your profile icon in the top left corner
  3. Click on your Twitter profile
  4. Click the “Settings” icon
  5. Under Image Uploads, select

Looking for more ways to drive traffic to your blog? Check out our upcoming webinar on May 6th – What The Heck is SEO? You will learn how to start implementing SEO (search engine optimization) into your blog to increase your organic traffic from search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

New Year, New Blogging Mentality: List, Plan, and Kick Bad Habits!

As the ball drops at midnight as a symbol for newness in our lives, we look back on the past year to reflect on the good and bad in our blogs. Reflection is a great time to think about the way we are running our blogs in every aspect and focus on what needs to to stay the same and what needs to change in 2015.

Think about it.

Think about 2014 – the good, the bag, and the ugly. What worked out great for you? What challenged you? Think about the big picture. Scroll through your blog, your social media platforms, your calendar and pin point what’s working for you and your blog and what needs to change so that you can move forward in your blogging career.

Close-up of sparkler on Christmas lights background

Set goals

Think about the points that you reflected on and what stood out to you the most. Then, get out that paper and pen and set those goals the old fashioned way! I like to break things down and decide what major goal I need to work on with my blog each month or each quarter and then break it down into smaller daily to-do tasks that will help me reach that big goal.

Get organized

The main trait of a successful blogger is organization. You must have a clear cut idea of what needs to be accomplished each day in order to move towards the direction of your goals. The thing is – organization looks different for every blogger. Some people need to write things down in a notebook, which others love using Google Docs and calendars, for some its a mixture of both. Figure out what system works best for you to keep you on top of your game and maximize it!

Get social!

social media strategy

We all know about the changes happening with good ‘ol Facebook (If you aren’t, read about them HERE), so we need to take matters into our own hands. You are going to need to sit and strategize a way to reach your audience if you heavily depended on reaching them through Facebook in the past. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Where is my audience? (Cause that’s where you need to be!)
  • Do I need to move my audience from Facebook to a different platform?
  • Am I willing to pay for advertising on Facebook? If so, how much is my budget?

Once you are able to answer these questions, figure out a plan that you need to put in place to help re-connect with your community in the new year! Also, check out our combo class: Secrets of Successful Bloggers & How to Create a Killer Media Kit! Once you take the course, we will give you access to our super Daily Social Media Checklist that will keep you on track and balanced!

Give bad habits the boot!

We all have bag blogging habits, it’s inevitable! But in the grand scheme of things, these bag habits are only holding us back. Here are a few tips to help combat some of the worst blogger bad habits:

  • Instead of looking at other blogs and lusting over how beautiful they are or how engaged their audience is, take notes! Look at what they are doing that you love and figure out a way to work that into your strategy.
  • Set aside designated social media time to keep you focused and on task.
  • Utilize “distraction free writing mode” as a way to get those blog posts done and published without any pesky distractions!

Get featured


Let’s be honest here – you are awesome! You need to be sharing your awesomeness with the world! There is no better way to open the new year to new opportunities, connection, and a little extra blog traffic than getting yourself featured on a website. We have a Featured INTRO NYC Blogger Program that you can sign yourself up for that will highlight a new blogger every Friday and share your experiences, background, blog, interests- everything, with the world!

Beyond us, there are many other ways to be heard! Surf the web for like-minded blogs as see if they feature contributors or guest posts to share your work with a similar audience!

Educate yourself

I can’t say this enough, “blogger education NEVER ends!” You work in the digital medium, which is an ever revolving door for change. You need to stay on top of these important media trends, industry updates, and new social tactics to always be on top of your game. The webinars that we offer are a great way to make sure you are setting yourself up for success year round!

Try something new!

Sometimes it can be hard to step outside of your blogging comfort zone and try something new, since as we get older we tend to get set in our ways. But make a promise with yourself that you will try something new with your blogging and see what kind of an impact it has with your readers, traffic, or social community. For me, I promised myself that in the new year I’m going to step up my Pinterest game and try scheduling pins to get better click through results with a program like Tailwind or Ahalogy.

We wish you an amazing blogging new year!

They Said What!? Managing Negative Comments on Your Blog!

While everyone gets into blogging with different goals in mind, there is always one common value among bloggers: the ability to voice our opinions freely and speak our minds. This blog is our medium for self expression to share with our readers what is going on in our lives and how we really feel about it. The factor that we don’t always think about whenever we are purchasing our blog URL with vigor is dealing with negative feedback or a comment coming from a reader who doesn’t agree with our insight.

Keep Your Cool – Foolproof Ways to Deal With The Negative

Whether it comes in the form of an email, blog comment, or on your social media pages – handle it with care!

negative blog comments

Act fast!

Don’t let that negative comment linger! Once you spot it, immediately go into “survival mode” and quickly think of a plan to resolve the issue in a way that is proactive instead of negative in response.

Respond with grace.

Think of yourself as an unhappy customer tweeting or commenting about bad service. Jump in and offer some type of resolution or agree to disagree with the comment. Responding with grace shows your readers that you are always open to hearing their thoughts, even if they contradict yours.

Don’t delete!

Make yourself 100% transparent to your readers. There is nothing wrong with constructive criticism as long as it’s handled properly. Unless the comment is extremely inappropriate, keep it visible for other readers to see. Not only does this show your readers how you can flawlessly handle an otherwise tough situation, you might be surprised how it prompts more people to leave their opinions. This will ultimately stimulate conversion, grow your community, promote sharing, and keep your readers engaged!

Check back.

You never know – this person just might be a negative Nelly all the way around and  looking for trouble. Check back to that post frequently and make sure they aren’t a repeat offender that needs to be blocked.

Want to hear more about confronting different issues that people working in the digital space deal with regularly? Join us in January for our Lunch and Learn to talk media trends, our love/hate relationship with technology, and more!

5 Effective Ways To Bring Traffic To Your New Blog

So, you just started a blog. You are totally enjoying all the fun parts of crafting great content and sharing with your readers, who at this point happen to be your friends. They are super supportive, but can only spend so much time online reading and sharing your content – it’s time to really get out there and start gaining new, loyal readers. Here’s 5 effective ways to bring traffic to your new blog, so that you can start getting more pageviews and virtually meet people that you don’t know “IRL!”

1. If you build it, they will come!

Build that community and be it’s leader! Brand yourself as an overflowing resource that your audience can turn to for information in your area of expertise.  It might sound repetitive, but if you are producing quality content on a REGULAR BASIS, continuously serving your audience, your community will come to you. It might not happen over night, but the key is consistency – your audience needs to know that they can rely on you.

Beyond that, make sure you are being social and building a community on all social media platforms – and learn how to speak to those different communities to get the response that you are yearning for.

2. Group Pinterest boards.

pinterest board

I totally can’t stress enough how important it is to join group Pinterest boards (like the one for the INTRO NYC Blogger Network – duh!) It is a great way to not only network with new pinners, but gain loads of traffic from pinning your latest pins there and reciprocating by pinning new content from the group board to your personal boards. It’s a win-win situation because your followers get fresh content and your pins get in front of a new audience! Boom!

3. Reference old blog posts, within new posts.

Once you start blogging more consistently, you will have a platform completely filled with awesome content that YOU created! Therefore, whenever you are writing new content, and you know that you have written something in the past that is related,  link to it! This can be done simply by highlighting the text and linking to the content or literally typing “Click here for another great post on this topic!” Either way, it makes people curious as to where the text will lead them – and they will click it.

4. Jump on the SEO bandwagon.

Image-1 (4)

Everyone’s doing it, are you? In order to start bringing in regular, organic traffic from search engines, you MUST make sure that you are mindful of the keywords you are using whenever you write. Sound like a little too much to handle? Don’t panic! We will be holing part 1 of our beginners SEO class: What the heck is SEO – on February 23rd 2015 –>Register HERE

5. Promote yourself – everywhere.


It might seem silly, but it’s easy to over look the numerous ways that are hiding right under our noses to promote ourselves without being pushy. Think about how many emails you send per say. If only 5 of those people clicked on your website URL from your email signature and clicked around your website each day – that’s some steady traffic. Carry business cards with you, link your blog URL to all of your social media accounts (both business and personal), have friends and family carry around your business cards, comment on other blogs/forums/ Q&A’s and leave your URL as a virtual trail – the possibilities are endless!

Getting ready to take that awesome blog of yours to the next level and start connecting with brands and making some MONEY!!?? Check out all the amazingness that we are offering in our Winter Class Lineup that will make sure you are on the right path to pure blogging success!

Why You MUST Charge For Sponsored Content on Your Blog

Let’s start this conversation with this:

How much money do you charge a brand for sponsored content on your blog?

This is obviously a private number, think about it inside your head. If for some reason your answer is a measly ZERO, we need to do some major talking! I don’t mean to sound harsh – promise! But in reality, this should be a wake-up call for any blogger NOT charging for sponsored content to learn your worth and be confident in that. If you are charging for sponsored content, give yourself a pat on the back, because this seemingly small step is making HUGE strides for the blogging community globally!

1. Time = Money

Know your worth! I can’t stress this enough. All of the time, the hours that you spend creating content, connecting with brands, being on social media, and promoting your blog is time going down the drain if you aren’t being paid for it. Start keeping track of exactly how much time you are putting into your blog, and calculate an hourly rate for that you feel comfortable with. That is the amount that you need to be telling brands your time is worth.

2. You are influential.

We wrote a blog post back in August called, “Why Working With Bloggers is The New Media,” and revealed some pretty powerful information about how influential bloggers really are. One statistic that really stood out to me came from Social Media Today stating, “61% of US consumers made a purchase based on a blog post.” Wow – that’s a big number! Overall, this is just a small measure of how influential a bloggers voice is whenever they are connecting with their audience.

Many brands and companies are beginning to realize the power of blogger’s voices and the impact that they have, but others still don’t understand that. Either way, you must realize your influence and place value on that. Once you are able to do that, whenever a company reaches out to partner with you through your blog or a social media platform, speak up for yourself. They are reaching out to you for a reason, and you will be helping them generate sales for their company in some way, so you must be compensated for that – with money, not product!

sponsored content

3. Not charging under-values the blogging industry as a whole.

This is a very important point for me. While I understand that there are many bloggers out there who get into blogging as a hobby or just for fun, most people get into blogging with the intention of generating a living, or eventually fall into monetizing. If you are one of those people who got into blogging so that you can share your child’s experiences as they grow up with family members who live 1,000 miles away, then don’t start working with brands if you aren’t going to value your time and charge them.

The reason is simple. If a brand knows that they can get work done from a blogger who isn’t valuing their influence, they will stop paying highly qualified bloggers who are trying to make a living to support themselves and/or their families.

It becomes a viscous cycle of: brand reaches out to amazing blogger –> blogger won’t work for free –> brand declines to pay and partners with a blogger who will work for free –> brand is unhappy with content and outcome of campaign –> brand decides never to work with bloggers again. I hear it time and time again.

Whenever you start partnering with brands, you have to understand that your blog is growing and standing out. If you don’t charge for sponsored content over and over again, it will under-value the blogging industry as a whole and continue the cycle of brands putting their advertising dollars elsewhere. Don’t be that blogger.

After reading this, you might be asking yourself: how much money should I charge? If that’s the case, you should come to our upcoming webinar Show Me The Money – Monetization Basics for Bloggers on February 25th, 2015 or March 18th, 2015, both from 7-9pm! We hope to see you there!