5 Ways to Refresh Your Blog

Do you ever look at your blog and wish that you could hit a “refresh” button that would magically give it a little touch-up? I always do! In fact, over the summer I have been keeping a list of little tweaks and updates that I have been yearning to make, waiting for my son to go back to school before I had time during the day to dig in and actually do them all. It’s good to think this way, as it shows you want to make your blog the best it can be for your readers where they get excited to visit. Here are some easy ways to help give your blog the face-lift it deserves!

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1. Custom Sidebars

Did you know that you can have a different sidebar on every single page or category on your blog? You can! This is a great way to further capture a specific audience that is coming to your blog to learn about one thing. For instance, if you write a lifestyle blog and one of your topics is beauty – create a custom sidebar (using this easy Custom Sidebar Plugin) and make everything in your sidebar area beauty related. This will keep them clicking!

2. Update your “About Me” page

We have stressed the importance of About Me pages before, and now its important to stress the importance of keeping them updated! Make sure that the information your are displaying is the most up to date – you never know who will be reading about you!

3. Add a subscriber pop-up

A subscriber pop-up is a GREAT way to capture email subscribers and even Facebook likes in an easy click. Make sure not to be too aggressive with them because you will just turn people away. I leave mine on only on the home page and popping up for first time visitors. My favorite way to do this is using Gleam captures.

4. Speaking of subscribers, get that welcome email in tip top shape!

Once you have an automated email set up that goes out to new email subscribers, it can be easy to forget about it. Make sure you go back and check it periodically to update links, information, and always include great images linking to your best blog posts!

5. Visit your insights

Don’t forget that your social platforms are an extension of your blog and periodically need some refreshing, too.  If you are anything like me, you look into your insights and then plan your social media scheduling around what has proven to be the best times of day to post – but sometimes you forget to go back and see if they have changed. People are on different schedules in the summer than they are in the fall and you need to adapt with those. For instance, last year, my most popular time of day to post was 3:05pm Monday-Friday. This has changed to 4:05 starting with the new school year, and I never would have known this if I didn’t go back and check!

Author: Allison Cooper

Allison is the Co-Founder and CEO of INTRO NYC and Founder & CEO of Project Motherhood (www.projectmotherhoodnyc.com), an online resource helping moms love their post-pregnancy body and always rock their #MamaStyle! She loves educating new bloggers and connecting them with brands to help their business grow!