5 Tips For The Perfect Pitch

What is one thing that you think about everyday whenever you log into you blog? Creating opportunity, of course! We are always looking for ways to take our blogs to the next level, but achieving that is different for everyone. If one of your goals for yourself and your blog is to work with new brands, then you need to have an amazing pitch email ready to go at all times! After all, you never know when a creative moment will strike, and you want to be ready to approach the brand of your dreams at any given moment.

1. Be prepared.

My biggest tip is to make sure that once you have put together a general, yet stellar pitch letter, save it somewhere accessible to you whether you are at home or on the go. You never know when you will need it! Make sure that it is easily editable, so that you are able to update it to flow with the different types of pitches that you are making, but leave room for personalization.

2. Don’t just outline who you are, but what you can do for them.

Let’s face it – there are millions of bloggers on this planet. Whenever you are pitching to a company, give them a very precise few sentences that describes you and your blog, then let a bulk of the email be dedicated to what you can do for them. Brands are ALWAYS looking for new and innovative ideas to present their brand to their demographic, and if you happen to pitch them an offer they can’t refuse, you are golden!

A girl holds a softball on the infield diamond.

3. Showcase your accomplishments.

Take a sentence in your pitch letter to share some of your biggest blogging accomplishments. This is a great opportunity to outline a few of the major brands you have worked with, a major speaking engagement, or how you helped a brand double their twitter following in a month. No matter what it is, sell it!

4. Attach your media kit.

I can’t preach enough the importance of having a media kit that you can attach everywhere, especially when you are pitching to brands. If you are a little lost whenever it comes to media kits and need some guidance, we are hosting a webinar tonight – Creating a Killer Media Kit & Tips For Successful and Organized Bloggers, join us!

Why attach your media kit everywhere? Simply because you never know whenever the brand or PR rep you are pitching to will come back to you, presenting another opportunity. There is always a chance that they will pass on what you are pitching them, but if you make an impact on them through the process, they will come back to you.

5. Always end with a call to action.

Give yourself a sentence to recap what you are seeking from the brand you are pitching, and let them know that you are looking forward to hearing their feedback. If there is a certain date that you need a response by, share that information at this time. This closing detail will help them just as much as it helps you – promise!

Author: Allison Cooper

Allison is the Co-Founder and CEO of INTRO NYC and Founder & CEO of Project Motherhood (www.projectmotherhoodnyc.com), an online resource helping moms love their post-pregnancy body and always rock their #MamaStyle! She loves educating new bloggers and connecting them with brands to help their business grow!