Blogging Ed: 5 Pinterest Tips & Tricks {Giveaway}

Whenever we first start blogging, we are most inclined to spend our social media time focusing on twitter and Facebook, as they can be the easiest to use and engage on. But as you get more advanced, you will learn just how important Pinterest is to your blogging business and how it can increase your traffic exponentially.


Why Spend Time on Pinterest?

The most recent study from July of 2013 by the social media agency Semiocast revealed that there are 70 million people world wide using this platform. Wow. We are pretty certain that people in your target demographic are spending time there, too.

1. Get organized.

pinterest boards layout

Make sure to have your boards organized, and that your main boards correlate with the categories on your blog. For example, your main Pinterest board should be the same name as your blog, and every blog post image gets pinned here. Then, you should be pinning from that “anchor board” to the correlating categories that each image relates to.

2. Create eye catching images.

Make sure your blog posts are always accompanied by at least one pinnable image that includes text and a watermark with your blog URL. This will help pinners know what you pin is about and how it applies to them. If you aren’t advanced enough in graphic design to use Photoshop, try using the free service to help you create images that will connect with your Pinterest community.

3. Track your analytics.


Make sure that you are signed up with a business Pinterest account so that you are able to view your analytics. If you are searching for something more in depth, try using Tailwind as a way to monitor which boards are the most successful, who is viewing, and engage your community. There are free options to use this service as well as monthly rates, depending on what information you are seeking.

4. Build your audience.

While just like any social platform, it’s important for bloggers to focus on the number of people following them, Pinterest is a bit different. In a sense, Pinterest is used by its millions of users as a search engine, and very few people actually log in, eager to see what the people they are following are pinning. Focus your time on creating beautiful, pinnable images for your blog posts and you will start gaining traffic.

Easily grow your following by using keywords the same way you would in your blog post, utilize hashtags in your descriptions, create more niche boards (ex. cakes vs. baking), follow relevant people, and as always–engage with others! While you still want to have a following–you don’t need to obsess about it the way you do with other platforms.

5. Make use of the Pinterest “pin it” plugin.

This easy to install plugin will place the “pin it” button over every image on your website, allowing and prompting readers to pin your images.

– The Giveaway –

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Author: Allison Cooper

Allison is the Co-Founder and CEO of INTRO NYC and Founder & CEO of Project Motherhood (, an online resource helping moms love their post-pregnancy body and always rock their #MamaStyle! She loves educating new bloggers and connecting them with brands to help their business grow!