2015 Design Trends in Blogging

Whenever we first begin blogging, our first order of business is to get quality content out to the world, of course. But, it is highly important to learn to develop an artistic eye to put together a blog design that will keep people interested, reading, and clicking allover the place! Each year, there are new design trends that start to become very apparent as we scroll through numerous blog, and it’s important to stay up to date and on trend.

Unique Fonts

Stepping up our typography skills in the INTRO NYC blog!

Stepping up our typography skills in the INTRO NYC blog!

The bloggers who are drawing in the biggest audiences and returning visitors are stepping up their typography skills in 2015! We have all seen the beautiful images on Pinterest that combine different, more unique fonts together as well as different sizing and colors – this is what we should all be doing! It takes some practice, and I promise that I haven’t perfected it either. My suggestion is to spend some time on Pinterest and book mark images you are most drawn to, and try to recreate them for your posts. It will take some extra time, don’t get me wrong – but the reward is great!

Beautiful, Large Images


We all know that photos should be a huge part of your blog posts, it’s what sucks everyone in! We have talked in the past about 5 Ways Photographs Will Make or Break Your Blog, so keep that in mind as your new blogging daily mantra! You can easily use a mixture of personal photos and stock photos, but make sure they are well thought out, and help you tell your story.

Background Video

If you are anything like me, you hear the word “video” and cringe! It’s been a learning curve for me, but I’m trying to make use of the stagnant YouTube Channel that has been sitting around since December of 2014. You just need to take the plunge and dive right in! The trend with video on blogs this year is background video, placed behind stationary text. A great example of this can be found on the airbnb website.

Content Experiences


A blog is obviously a place to share your thoughts with the world, but the trend this year is to visually create content experiences. This is something that is becoming really popular among brands as a way to get their message across and hit people in the heart, but it can easily be done with your blog. How are bloggers creating content experiences? In addition to adding beautiful, huge images to your blog posts, add a simple message to them with text that adds further depth to the image. Hint, hint: these will also translate into highly pinnable images.

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Author: Allison Cooper

Allison is the Co-Founder and CEO of INTRO NYC and Founder & CEO of Project Motherhood (www.projectmotherhoodnyc.com), an online resource helping moms love their post-pregnancy body and always rock their #MamaStyle! She loves educating new bloggers and connecting them with brands to help their business grow!